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Qualla Berry Farm is part of a loose community of growers and marketers throughout western NC who are seeking to provide locally grown food to people who live and visit  the mountains. We are helping to develop ways to keep our rural land in agricultural production. We are listed in the Local Food Guide produced by the Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project. For more about U-Pick farms, tailgate markets, and community supported agriculture growers, see their website: www.buyappalachian.org

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Happy Thanksgiving from Qualla Berry Farm!

Posted 11/25/2019 8:52pm by John Clarke & Karen Hurtubise.

Hi Folks-

Thanks to everyone who has ordered so far this season! We've had a nice harvest of four varieties of Fresh Ginger and five varieties of Fresh Turmeric. It's been a cold November so we've done a lot of work to protect our plants and keep our soil temperatures up. There's still a good supply of turmeric under cover in the outdoor beds and in the hoophouse.

Outdoor turmeric beds under hay

We are now sold out of Fresh Ginger for this year but after a Thanksgiving break will be continuing to fill orders for Hawaiian Red, Indira Yellow, and White Mango Turmerics (our BKK and Black Turmerics are sold out for this year). Please get us those orders in the first couple weeks of December! We won't be taking orders after December 15.

Still good stuff! Late harvested Hawaiian Red Turmeric

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! Here's to a healthy winter with the help of our plant helpers, Turmeric and Ginger.


Karen Hurtubise and John Clarke

Qualla Berry Farm

3274 Qualla Rd

Hayesville, NC 28904



order questions: cell/text 828-557-8408